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There Is No Longer Any Semblance of Justice for You

Liberty for them to do whatsoever they wish and remain unaccountable. Equality for them to do whatsoever they want and remain unaccountable. Fraternity - for the Brother Masons and their cohorts to vandalise, steal,coerce, rob, maim, oppress and torture LIFE ON EARTH as their Luciferian-Baal god dicates. Please be aware that there are major transgressions taking place which are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL AND OUT OF THE HANDS of what you could call "normal people" in positions of authority. You are sitting on a runaway train with a psychopath at the wheel. The world is tired and worn out and time is fast coming to an end for it. The current pace of insantiy has a rendez-vous with Nature and that meeting is NOT going to be harmonic. So our advice to you: "Invest now in protecting your frequencies!"


You Want The Truth? You Are Deemed To Be A Terrorist - The 'State Is At War With You.

Surprised? Don't Be. The terms of the "Socially Implied Contract-King" (SICK) whereby the people allow themselves to be governed in exchange for taxation rights has been abrogated. Ergo, it is you duty to challenge the abrogation. In short this means seeking protection of the natural laws of man via  impartial, common sense and obviously fair judgements of law, in an open forum. The Transhumanist Agenda whereby you are destined to receive a "computer chip upgrade" to aid your compatibility with the Ex Machina World without which you will be unable to function, is the main reason you need to ReDiscover the Natural Laws of Man...and fast. See the chequer band on the police man's hat/car/police station floor? You know what it represents? The "Floor of Malkuth" and it is part of the tracing board symbolism for the First Degree which all Free Masons take. It represents Duality in all its worst forms. Church floors also have this symbolism - its all ONE AND THE SAME ENERGY SYSTEM - and with approximately 10,000 Lodges in the UK with each averaging around 100 M-Men that's a hefty 1 million Brothers in places and positions of AUTHORITY. All placed at "Choke Points" within the country, to Watch-Over you.


Very Few Have Ever Found A Way Out...

Very few ever will! You are not really going to like what you hear but it has to be conveyed as clearly as possible. A Spiritual Passport is required for you to begin to defeat the Khazarian Zionist Mafia who have been in control of The System for Millennia. The police, the courts, the judges, the notaries, the lawyers, the banks, the world religions and the presstitute media and mandarins of Whitehall and Washington are all "bought and paid" for by The Saturnic-Satanic system they have built. And yes, for sure, they do believe in God - but it is NOT the same one that you believe in. [Watch video: Angela Merkel at 27 minutes 12 seconds on video below]. Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Barack Obama and his transgender Man-Wife Michael, Mario Draghi, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, all the White House gang including Dunford, Kelly, Mc Master, Mathis and Priebus all to a man/woman Luciferian Worshipping separatists. So, where to go and to whom to turn to is the question?

Satan Lives here

The Current Globalist "Just-Us" System


This is Your InJustice System - Shakedowns-Threats - Intimidation-Coercion-Death

There Is No Justice System - There Never Was

Overview: The aim of this website is to deliver a simple message in complex times. This aim is paramount due to the immensity of the task the parties behind it seek to undertake and the time-frame in which they have been appointed to achieve it.
The truth is true and the truth is simple. The convoluted and disastrous system of money and energy debt-theft which has been foisted upon you and enforced via the corrupt judicio-legal-policy man network, empowered via the degenerate and criminal crony capitalism of the parliamentarian Rat-Pack, is designed to confuse you, weaken you and kill you and your vision. It does this by soaking you in a merry-go-around of work-debt-sleep-work-debt-sleep-death!  There Is No Justice System - There Never Was. The good news is that this Corporate Piracy has been foreclosed upon - the states are bankrupt and founded upon fraud, ergo, "Nothing can ever be born of fraud!" ergo, the corporatocracy which threatens your daily life by demanding you PAY for the FREE commodities and resources which they have "acquired" via Crown handouts and which they force you to pay for are extinct forthwith.


Freeman Legal Services Is The Solution

If you can't JOIN them then BEAT them! How? By creating an alternative system for the Administration of Justice, Legal Aid is unaffordable, regulatory authorities [FCA, Bar association, Law society] stone-wall you and ALWAYS find  in favour of the banks/financial institutions which fund them. The courts are rigged - the judges, Masonic stooges of and slaves to the Luciferian Dogma and Thelemic Nonsense they practice. Politicians are compromised before they take office and no one seems to give a damn about you. Their  motto: "Do what thou willst is the extent of the law." It's a club my friend and you're not in it - but it's the same club they use to beat you over the head from dawn 'til dusk. The Mafia support the Masons, who support the Money Men, who are supported by the Military and the Monarchy and these all sit upon you the Man! Ever felt oppressed. If so you need Freeman Legal Services.


Trust Requires Faith - Faith Is Love.

Freeman Legal Services (FLS) is the only document processing association in Europe which has the authority to issue legal documents on behalf of The International Association of Private Bankers (IAPB) as well as the International Common Law Court of Record On Land 750181. FLS deals with probate, reparations claims,human rights abuses,court orders, bailiff, warrants repossession orders on property and a host of other legal matters thrust upon you by the corrupt judicial systems currently masquerading as legitimate venues of justice. The police? Forget them. Politicians - all paid off. Judges - well, they are ALL TO A MAN PAID FOR & controlled and oathed to The Crown Corporation London, and  selling you down the road as fast as they can. In times of great hardship HARD choices have to be made. You don't have to make the choice today - but you do have to make it eventually.

FLS Services - One Key Fits Many Doors...


Property/Council Tax Exemptions

Section 79 of the Local Government Reform Act 1888, as well as other legislation allows you to set-off all claims by Councils whether Borough, County, District or other. Contact us for more information

Taxation HMRC/IRS/VAT - Set-Off & ReCoupment

Paying taxes maybe as certain as death for most people BUT what of the method or "currency" used. The Chancellor of The Exchequer is a Minister right? And Ministers are appointees of the Church. Chancel come from "cancel" or vice versa and it is here at the Treasury Window of HM HM Treasury that you will find the solutions to your taxation bills.

Student Loans Set-Off, Novation & Annulment

The Student Loan Debt Bondage Scam is a Classical example of  Knights Templar/Solar Templar Initiates immoral debt and criminal entrapment ploy. It is racketeering at its worst as it exploits those with hope and aspiration and trashes their future without them even being suspecting of it. Perfect.  People at the age of 18 years are still children or not totally mature as to the ways of the Wolves of Debt and NOT all fully aware of the implications of "main-lining"  a DEBT BURDEN. How could they possibly be? To allow them to sign onto (that signature thing again) thousands and thousands of £,$,€ of debt before they finish their education has to be CRIMINAL and those operating the loans system are the equivalent of racketeers and drug dealers on the city streets. If you are a student with a student loan then please contact us and we will begin to assign, anul, assume and/or set-off this burden at once. Please remember that the Knight's templar  have a motto: "Wrap your enemy in one of three things, Litigation, Debt or a Shroud!" Hmmm!

Impending Bankruptcies Assimilated

If you have money beyond the amount of the bankruptcy petition can you be made bankrupt? Yes or no? The answer is as simple as that. So with funding from our partner organisations and yourself produced wealth, you can show the Trustee in Bankruptcy that you have more than enough to pay. And is maybe important to point out to the Trustee that he is a Trustee de son Tort as you are the rightful beneficairy under the trust. Like all things of such complexity, you need professional help to announce the point. The words coming from just yourself, make you look like you have simply read too much internet traffic

Estate Planning - Helping You Make A Living Will

see The Probate Section. Making a living will and Declaring your interests under Cestui Que Vie 1666 Section 4 , is a poweful beginning on the road to The Lazarus Taxon.


Court Fines - Child Support Agency - Credit Scores

All financial suport for members of the community rests ultimately at the door of the government and has been GUARANTEED. They, the politicos, signed on for it and they HAVE TO KEEP THEIR WORD and deliver it. Any doubts there then look at the % of the US Federal Budget which goes on Medicaid and Social Support and Food Stamps. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (UDHR) is THEE policy document with which all 44 signatories were promised and assured  (brokered at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944) that their populations would be cared for "once and for all" after the "war to end all wars" was ended! How many of you have ever associated Bretton woods with the UDHR and  War Reparations agreements? 

And Still Even More Doors....


Mortgage Fraud Investigations - False Accounting Practices

Your mortgages and loans are socially and morally toxic and an affront to any governmental claim or affectation that it is interested in the welfare of the people, if it allows them to be entrapped in such usury. The FCA and the SEC as well as the law fimrs all pander to the deceit and are knowing accomplces in the crime. FLS can show and prove via the Off Balance Sheet accounting that you provided the VALUE for the loan and NOT the bank. If you are the CREDITOR and nOT the DEBTOR what implications does that hold for the accounting firms as well as the law firms which attempt repossession of your property/ simply put you have issued a 25 year futures contract. You sold this futures contract to the bank. It bought it from you BUT handed the money to you as a LOAN and NOT an exchange.

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Falsified Investment, Loan and Credit Agreements - Robo Signing

"As above the so below" as the Hermetic axiom goes and as for the mortgages, so goes the student loans and all loan and credit agreements which have been presented to you for signing when you should have been made aware of other issues.. This is fraud - pure and simple and the FCA and the SEC know about it. Does anyone believe that the Regulatory Agencies are anything but protective defence barriers of the banking cartels to allow them to do anything they wish to you with total impunity..until; the degree of vice becomes so prevalent that even they get dragged in.


Speeding Tickets - Parking Fines - Immoral and Unconscionable

We can help here too. As long as there is no criminal damage caused and you have not injured anyone or damaged property then the "No harm caused - No claim" rule applies. ReMember that 99% of the laws which you are governed by are NOT laws at all. They have never been debated in Parliament and have never had a reading in the House of Lords or Senior Chamber. They are Statutory Instruments (S.I) and are not laws. They are simply corporate bye-laws. They should have no more application or bearing upon you than those "posted regulations in the Amazon Warehouse canteen."  S.I's are formulated in committees and are then rolled out as policy by the Machinery of Government Bureaucracy - hundreds of paid administrators busying themselves writing stuff to trap and coerce you as if it is LAW.

Banks In Possession of Stolen Assets - Reclamation Actions

Many tricks have been played by bankers but none more so simple and frustrating than the; "We've never seen you before sir!" ruse. It involves the following players: 1. The bank, 2. Someone in possession of a large sum of money in notes, jewellery or precious metals. 3. A desire to deposit said wealth in the said bank. What happens is that the bank agrees to accept the money in whatever form. The depositor is allowed to deposit it. The formalities are then agreed and signed off. Code words, signatures and passwords are agreed, exchanged and provided and the client leaves the bank. Whether the customer goes around the block for 1 hour or comes back in a few months is irrelevant as when he re-enters the bank to reclaim or examine his property he is confronted with; "Sorry Sir, there must be some mistake. We have no record of your or such an account here with us!" It is even worse if the family attempt to acquire the goods following the death of the account holder - even with a Letters of Administration. You see it is a nasty business that of usurious money lending and deposit taking.

Global Collateral Accounts - Reparations Investigations

The Global Collateral Accounts are alive and well. The futility of the possession of the assets is self-obiously defeating in that being mainly gold the sheer bulk of the assets makes it impossible to move or relocate. That being said, FLS has negotiated an agreement to "hypothecate" the accounts and treat them as if they were actually IN POSSESSION.

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The Maths Is Undefeatable! If 2+2=4 Then You Have Been Robbed -

"Mind The GAAP!" This is a warning broadcast to all bank personnel, to the Top 5 accountancy firms who take care of 90% of the Fortune 500 companies, to the law firms outside and the legal teams "in-house" who defend the bankster criminality and prop up the illegal system, in return for MASSIVE PAYOUTS. Be WARNED! FLS knows The Game and knows it better than you. Indemnity insurance will not help you where you are going - neither will the company fixer! (See the film "Michael Clayton")


The G2O2P3 Treaty