What Is Probate?

Probatus - To Test or Prove

The basic first step to becoming freed from DEATH is to achieve a REBIRTH. This rebirth comes from a spiritual renaissance or as it is called The Lazarus Taxon. FLS provides the mechanics and the declaration for th INVOCATION of this TAXON. A Living Will can only be made by a living man. His estate, upon his death, then passes via a Testamentary Disposition. The irony of it is that the courts only allow you to express your proof that your WERE alive, AFTER you have DIED, so to speak. Tricky, what? 

NOTE: Test, testamentary, testes and testicles all have the same root.

The Trick in The Tail

The requirements for a valid will are just 4 fold. You must be over the age of 18 years (unless in a war zone). You must be of sound mind and it must be signed and dated and the will must be witnessed by a (2) non-beneficiaries. So you see if you produce a Living will then you are DE FACTO proving that you are competent to manage your affairs, living and sane. You're almost there!

Change The Timing - Change Your LIFE

So instead of proving that you were sane why not prove that you are sane & alive NOW? Use TIME to your advantage - NOT AFTER YOU DIE, but why not use it now to show that you are laying claim to your Estate which the 'State has stripped all energy from the (e)State? The "e" (for energy) from e =mc2 (for money times capacity squared).

" Why You Must Make A Living Will"

The Requirements For A Will To Be Valid Are ...


And the most important point..."It can only be made by a living man!" There's the key to the Straw-Man personality. The Elite regard you as DEAD, defective of mind, incompetent, in a Ward of the politicians for voting and under The Poor Laws a pauper, hence having no rights and being under the guardianship of the charitable offerings of the church and, errr  also by the way, an imbecile. BUT if you have a Will then this PROVES 100% that you can be NON of those assumptive clauses written into any court appearance. 

The Making of a Living Will Is a Game Changer


So you see the Power of The Living will of a Man. You are now stating that you are competent and mindful to arrange your own affairs and do NOT need the services FORCED upon you by the State. State is just the word Estate with the "e" for energy removed. Are you better understanding the deception now.

Role of The Office of Executor - Confers Automatic Rights


The Office of Executor is an Official of The Court and has an AUTOMATIC RIGHT OF AUDIENCE in a Cour tof Chancery which is the only court you should ever find yourself in. All the Truther's out there who have ended up challenging the system have been buried in the dead-man's clothes they were wearing as they walked in! Forget any court appearance IN ANY COURT where you are spoken too without the utmost reverence, kindness, patience and helpfullness!

All Courts Are Ecclesiastical


The Vatican-Jesuit-Mafia has run the court system for Millennia. From the Inquisition of the 1500's to the C.I.A. today (Catholics In Action) run the show. They spy upon, torture, steal and plot and fabricate evidence to ensure that the "current plot of megalomania" is fulfilled. "Ever it was and ever is shall be" if left in their hands.  

Never Just "Walk In" To A Court


Don't walk into a court unless you are making a "Special Appearance", as a Amicus Curia (friend of the court) or In Chancery. Any otyher way will get you trammelled.



This follows on from the previous and is all about jurisdiction. If you assume that they have it then they will assume that you agree to it. This is a Biblical struggle of life and death proportions and is is NOT for the faint hearted.