Inviolable Human Sovereignty - I.H.S


What Is Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is freedom - the freedom to act as you wish without interference from state or outside authority UNLESS you have asked for it .

What is its opposite?

The opposite is esclavage or slavery. As a vassal or possession of the Estate owner you are without rights of any kind. There is a forced semblance of comfort proffered in order to ensure that you are not totally demotivated and rendered unuseable.

Two Worlds Apart - Theirs and Now Yours

The natural state for you is one of being NOT doing. The constant distraction with "business" "busy-ness" ensures you have just enough time to draw breath and no time to think and figure out The Game.

Step Over The Bridge into Another World - I.H.S

FLS can help you compose your "Declaration and Affidavit of Release" and declare Inviolable Human Sovereignty status which will then be communicated, by you, to the State, the Vatican/Crown and broadcast fully to the Control Mechanism which passes for World Government. The stages are 3 in total and it takes around 90 days to complete the process.

Walk The Planet With Unfettered Tread - It Can Be Done !

Once you are free from the System then you should make sure that you do NOT go back into it or is you do you enter as a "Force Majeur" option only. This will allow you walk with unfetterd tread in a difficult and trap laden world.

FLS - Delivers your I.H.S solution

Freeman Legal Services ensures that your are prepared for your declaration from helping you with the initial letters and affidavits to making a PUBLIC declaration of your new status for the world to see.

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