Globalist Agenda Warning - COVID II Begins October 2020

You Are Now Being Targeted!


If Hillary Had Won - Then You'd Never Have Heard of COVID - 19


Time to wake yp and begin to think for yourself and research the self-evident truths under your nose. Think logically - think for yourself!

International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701)


Watch Out!

Watch Out!

Watch Out!

If you are a government official of any description, member of a privateer corporation even just an employee involved with any of these organisations referred to in the  International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701) then beware YOU are invariably involved in fraud, deception, corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery. The reason you are involved is because your owners or employers are! SO BE WARNED you must reconsider your actions and world view IMMEDIATELY. Your bosses will not and cannot protect you any longer! This means you are exposed and on your own.

In addition to taking action under IEEPA, the order implements the "Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act" (Public Law 114-328) (the “Act”) and delegates certain of its authorities.

The order blocks the property and interests in property of persons listed in the Annex to the order. It also blocks the property and interests in property of any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.

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Watch Out!

Watch Out!

Watch Out!

Disclosure Begins! We are here to help you to help yourselves.

The G2O2P3 Treaty Agreement forms part of the Disclosure Project. Signatories to The Treaty are afforded protection and assistance. Protection from the ongoing chicanery, nepotism, crony capitalism and racketeering undertaken by virtually ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT. Government includes all Financial Regulatory Authorities, all major High Street Banking concerns and their employees, all Judicial appointees and court staff as well as all mandarins of Whitehall, Congress and politically powerful but unelected officials on the European Union and its tentacled apparatus. It includes members of the ABA, The Law Society for England and Wales, The Supreme Court, District and Magistrates Courts and The Police in every jurisdiction. It applies to "all privateer corporations" operating under Crown Protection. REMEMBER from now on Corruption = Jail time. Whether you are a "juiced in" Freemason, member of the TMO, OTO, involved with the Secret Services of any country, a member of the press or media, involved in organised crime and politics - then this NOTICE has your name written upon it. The Appendix of 13 on the E.O. has many more to come...

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Watch Out!

Watch Out!

Watch Out!

If you are a government official of any description at any pay-grade, involved in Local Government at ANY LEVEL, a member of a "privateer corporation," fuel, power or utilities provider,  if you are involved in banking activities which further the aims of the "13 Member Family Cabal" and their Globalist Agenda for Enslavement and Systematic Human Rights Abuses including (but not limited to); paedophilia, human trafficking, usury, immoral lending, mortgage and financial loan fraud, currency and financial market rigging -  then you are to pursued under State, National and International laws as a criminal co-conspirator. Being involved in fraud, deception, corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts and/or the extraction of natural resources, and/or bribery and cover up - you are to have assets seized and confiscated! You are vicariously liable on these counts and will be prosecuted under the Rules of RICO 1970 as well as the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701). "Writs of Attainer" may also be issued. This is your warning! If you are an attorney, judge, Minister, MP, Senator, Congressman, banker or financier then BE WARNED – You MUST review your position now prior to arrest. Previous actions which you deemed "protected" are to be tried as RICO  and  International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 offences and this means jail time.

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"Parasitical Politics"

 “We’ve got a real problem!” he shouted. “This is a mathematical fact! Tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America… An entire integrated system — financial system, trading system, taxing system — that was created by both parties over a period of two decades is at work on our entire country right now.” 

Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act Executive Order 13818

Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act

Subtitle F--Human Rights Sanctions

(Sec. 1262) Defines terms used in this subtitle.

(Sec. 1263) Authorizes the President to impose U.S. entry and property sanctions against any foreign person (or entity) who:

(a) is responsible for extrajudicial killings, torture, or other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights committed against individuals in any foreign country seeking to expose illegal activity carried out by government officials, or to obtain, exercise, defend, or promote human rights and freedoms;

(b) acted as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign person in such activities;

(c) is a government official or senior associate of an official responsible for, or complicit in, ordering or otherwise directing acts of significant corruption

(d) or has materially assisted or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services in support of, such activities.


 That said, what does Trump’s Executive Order mean? It means that all Hillary Clinton's funds, laundered through the Clinton Foundation, will be confiscated. 

She and Bill accepted deposits from African dictators known for their human rights abuses. All Soros funds will be confiscated. Any Saudi funds on US soil that the King cannot access will be confiscated. US politicians known to be padding their pockets with drug money will find this confiscated, and that includes Herbert Bush, the drug Kingpin. None of these matters will be in the press, per se. (ZT).

The Doctrine of the "Separation of Powers" Is A Farce!


The Legislature: Corrupt and Compromised - Westminster Parliament PLC - Privateers & Traitors

NEVER EVER PLACE AN "X" on a ballot paper. Voting is the biggest con played out on the citizenry every few years. Democracy is as "dead as disco" and should not play a place in the thinking man's politics at all. Six Hundred and fifty "juiced-in" politicians sit in the UK Parliament - they all have "special interests" and all have their noses in the trough, some deeper than others. The ones who refuse to comply/conform or ask too many of the wrong sort of questions are rapidly deselected. They represent you (and control) the "Wards" in which you cast your vote. What is a ward other than the residence of a "patient;" someone of unsound mind or someone under the Guardianship of The Parish Poor Laws; someone in care - a pauper or a lunatic? So there's your CLUE and that's why the political machine NEVER listens to you, EVER, and why placing an "X" on a ballot paper confirms that you have insufficient mental capacity, and why in a courtroom you can be held in contempt if you open your mouth out of turn. From that point on you are being managed from cradle to grave and no one seems to mind. Well, you moan a little, sure, but do you really object to the way you are treated and the way your life is handed to you?


The Judiciary: From The Supreme to Magistrates Courts - Corrupt & Compromised - Privateers

The  1st October 2009 marks a defining moment in the constitutional history of the United Kingdom. Why? Well it saw the transferring of judicial authority away from the House of Lords, and the creation of a private company to handle those previous legal decisions. An Americanised "Supreme Court for the United Kingdom" in the historic setting of the former Middlesex Guildhall on Parliament Square was established. This was in effect the ending of Justice in the UK. [Note the symbolism of the date on which it was effected].You see this bunch of scoundrels pictured right?  - well, they may think they're well meaning BUT they work for a private corporation. The Head of the Supreme Court PLC, Davide Neuberger, is a Zionist Jew and ex Rothschild banker (1970-1973). What's someone like that doing heading up the British Law Courts? All courts are nothing more than Pagan Roman Curia. You should never  enter into any of these courts unless you FIRST rebut the 12 Presumptions of a Roman Curia. 


The Executive: The Police (A.C.P.O) Are Corrupted and Totally Compromised - Privateers & Traitors

It tends to end here for most of you. The knock on the door or the baliffs Minders. The A.C.P.O. (The Free Masonic Clearing house for the police functionality) is laughing up its sleeve at the ease with which you all bovinely comply with their directives, impositions and indirect taxation. From speed cameras which fine people for going to work in the "nice fast cars" they are encouraged to buy, to snipers on roof tops - what is it that you WILL NOT ACCEPT? Police Are No Longer Police but "Paid Mercenaries - Soldiers" at war with you. Your degree of blindness is truly spell-binding for you cannot even claim to say "We are fooled by the nice uniform, their polite manner, the bobby's hat or the quaint truncheon" anymore. Look at what they have become? How did it happen? Who's to blame? Tazers, C.S gas, side arms, assault rifles, snipers on roof-tops, S.W.A.T Teams and people being shot for drawing an ID document out of their suit pockets!  Help us change the A.C.P.O. and everything it stands for.

"Court Rooms" Are For Private Corporate Revenue Hearings


Invisible Crown Contracts

Do They Have Jurisdiction?

Invisible Crown Contracts

This is a primal trap or trick used by the State/Crown which leads those campaigning for a "fairer trial or hearing" to accuse the system/Judge of being tyrannical, when in fact the only consideration the judge has taken into account is, "Has this man/woman signed a contract with the Crown?" This is usually evidenced via the signed Terms and Conditions attached to....your bank account. This shows that you are in a relationship with the Crown and acting in commerce at some level. As injurious as it is, it is also the escape route for you. By proving dependency on the Crown's issuance of YOUR LINE of CREDIT you can prove that you in effect had all "money" confiscated from your estate in 1931 in the UK and from 1933 in the USA and from 1945 in Germany and much of Europe.


Dead or Alive ?

Do They Have Jurisdiction?

Invisible Crown Contracts

There is only one question that the judge has asked before you enter into the Courtroom and that is, "Has this man proved himself to be alive, Yes - No?" No other requirement is asked. On the basis of the response from the Clerk of The Court of the Crown in Chancery's  representative - judgement is made before you even enter. What is the significance of being classified dead or alive? Well, as you have been presumed dead your estate has been sequestered by the State and hence you have NO CLAIM to anything. If you have been "missing - presumed dead" for 7 years or longer then your estate automatically reverts to The Crown.


Do They Have Jurisdiction?

Do They Have Jurisdiction?

Do They Have Jurisdiction?

Struggling to accept this proposition? If the answer to the previous question is ALIVE then chances are you will never enter into this court or better still you will know that you are being heard in the Chancery or Equity Divisions or even in the Probate Division of the Court. QUESTION: Have you ever seen any Priests, Naval, Army, Airforce personnel or Orthodox Jews in your local Magistrates Courts or in the Crown Court? Why not? This is because of the issue of "jurisdiction!" and about that topic exclusively. EXAMPLE: You are on board a naval ship in the port of New York or on the Thames estuary. You have a little too much to drink and assault someone on board. What happens? The police are called and you are taken off the ship and arrested. If the sailor gets into a brawl in a bar on land what happens? The Military Police are called and he is NOT subject to normal police authority. So jurisdictions are the clue and the key to a successful journey through the mayhem.

Freeman Legal Services = Alternative Law Solutions


"Everything Changes Except Iniquity."

Freeman Legal Services is a boutique provider of a wide range of legal services principally aimed at showing, teaching, educating,  and then providing working solutions for clients. The maze of confounding legal advice, both from conventional sources and the more esoteric out there, should we say, is INTENTIONAL and meant to dispirit you. The fact is that there is a great deal of confusion of opinion out there today as to what is the "right course of action" for the modern man, desirous of freedom, to take, and the path ahead is becoming less obvious by the day. Is this a coincidence? We think not. In truth though, the choices are as simple today as they were 2000  years ago when another revolutionary took on the "Khazarian - Roman - Religious Police - and Mafioso Banking Command and Control Network.Thanks to our esoteric and Whistle-Blower - White Hatted connections,   we provide creative solutions and miraculous justice  within a common law setting to all people facing the imminent prospect of the State Imposed "Mafia-Gestapo-Bailiff, Hybrid Jack-Boot" against their necks. Please OBSERVE that societal views on everything change. Views on gay marriage, eating fish on Sunday, pub opening hours, pregnant teens, our views on mobile phones and computer curfews for our children, our views on refugees and religion; all change! However, the one thing that seems NEVER ENDING and UNCHANGEABLE is the vice like grip which the small coterie of Elite have over the "system of law and injustice" in the court, police and legal systems of this world, and how the iniquity prevails against all odds. Has it struck any of you as strange as to why the bias and iniquity remain while much else changes? If so then you need to listen to us and those who support us. If not then you need to listen harder than you thought possible because the future for you as regards LEGAL RIGHTS is concerned is that you will have none and those you have will merge into and be subsumed by the robotic/cyborg/transhumanist/animal-clone hybrid agenda laws being currently worked out for you and yours. 


" The Depth of Social Injustice Is Almost Unfathomable"

Is money the solution or is it the problem? According to the World Bank and its stated aim of "Solving World Poverty," then it must be the problem. Yet, year on year this cycle of lack continues as if it was a problem yet not realised! How come the FED pushes some £30 billion dollars per  month into Wall Street and Mario Draghi and his gang pour €60 billion per month into the "bourse" of Europe and yet the World Bank cannot come up with more than a paltry $75 billion (2016) from all corners! Is this the best they can do? The vast majority of the world's populations exist on under $2.00 per day. Their countries were once wealthy but have been stripped clean to the bone by the virus known as International Stock-Market Capitalism unleashed on the world by the globalist banking cartels. This MONEY and WEALTH is yours, not theirs and we show you why. In the west you fair no better. Most of you are on food coupons, government welfare hand-outs, begging for tax credits or other monetary cookies to placate you and get you through to the next pay-check.Did the best fruit of the nation die in  two world wars for their kin to inherit this? I think not. Let's change the Social Inequity by resurrecting a few simple facts of law, shall we!

Title to Property cannot pass if that property has been acquired by criminal means. The main question then becomes: "Whose property is ALL THE PROPERTY confiscated or requisitioned from nations and individuals following the ending of the 1939 - 1945 staged conflict? JUST REMEMBER  war NEVER happens by accident. It takes a lot of money and effort to ship tanks and men across the world to fight in the Never Ending Blood Lust Ritual. WAR = CRIME and Crime is the Business of F.L.S. So back to ENTITLEMENT: This "entitlement" applies to & involves ALL the world's (money) precious metals and art which was looted, pillaged and stolen from the rightful owner. We know that billions of tonnes of gold, silver, precious metals, art and diamonds were misappropriated during th first world war and even more in WWII. EXAMPLE: The official amount of refined gold above ground according to the IMF/WB/FED is around 186,000 tonnes - however,the truer figure is around 4 to 5 million tonnes. This property should have been returned to nationals and States which claimed it. It was not because the winners in these wars always carry the biggest sticks and who's to argue? Even when it was clear that an apportionment was due, the money was kept. The principle banks involved: Union Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Juilus Baer, The Vatican Bank, HSBC, Barclays, National and Westminster, Bank of America, and the controlling family interests behind them funded and supported the rebuilding of Europe and SE Asia with stolen money. This money was "given" to privateer companies who then became the exploiters of you, today, in the Modern Day society, at whose Altar you worship . Water, gas, electric bills, property taxes and income too, food and fuel all have to be paid for. BUT who set these corporations up and who takes the profit? Not you. All these corporations which shave you daily 'til you bleed  then pursue you with "shake-down" Mafia Legal agents like Eversheds, are morally, and lawfully WITHOUT TITLE and hence practising fraud and deceit protected under a thin patina of respectability delivered via the age old "class barrier" social conditioning - worship/respect and reverence for your betters or more educated or wealthier", fake, obsolete and fossilized paradigm!


We Assist With War Reparations Claims - Nationally & Internationally

The International Common Law Court of Record On Land 750181

What has war reparations got to do with the price of rice, right? You may not see any correlation at the moment between what happened between 1914 - 1918 and then from 1939 to 1945 and your state of poverty. Once WWII finished WW III began INSTANTLY. The smoke had hardly settled in one place before it began burning elsewhere - beyond your peripheral vision - but still burning. You were "Hood-Winked!"As referred to above virtually all the world's wealth has been stolen from  rightful owners. This is particulary so since 1914. The Mafia tactics adopted by today's governments (and their paymaster bankers) realize this full well and have made "secret provisions" to handle the fall-out of the theft of gold and silver from 1931. The Treaty of Versailles (TOV) 1919, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, The LONDON DEBT AGREEMENT 1953,  Security Treaty USA/Japan 1951 and various other "secret agreements" authorise the State or De Jure Government to be obliged to accept the "debts and obligations of its citizens. Just how this works is explained in your briefing pack. In the UK for example much of the DEBT OBLIGATION lies with County Councils who superceeded the Wards or Poor Law regions in existence in the early to late 19th Century. They don't tell you of this obligation because they don't want you to know of it - we do want you to know and so will not only tell you but explain the nuances and ways through the glass ceiling. 

Londoner Schuld Abkommen 1953

"When The Rule of Law No Longer Exists, Where Do You Turn?"

Wealth Restitution - Just The Start

You maybe asking yourself, "Why is a law firm so struck on redressing the balance of wealth between those who have and those who have not? Surely, that's a politician's job!" Politics is your highest held spiritual belief and unfortunately we know what that belief is for ALL JUICED IN POLITICOS AND THE PRIVATEER CORPORATIONS they work before, during and then affter their terms in office. Most people end up in court and then prison or bankruptcy due to a lack of something. For the drug addict it's a perceived lack of money for the drugs he needs, which having led him to steal or injure someone, puts him before the beak. The salesman rushing to work so he won't miss the contract dead-line gets points on his licence, then a fine and can't keep up with the payments on the house. Everyone's struggling. This is Lawlessness! That's the short answer as to the "Why?" FLS does what it does.. If people had what is "rightfully theirs", nothing more, BUT CERTAINLY NOTHING LESS, then this world would turn much easier on its bearings than how it grates along now.

When The Social Contract Between State and Citizen Has Been Shredded You Have Only One Refuge Left ...

The Crown engages YOU in a "Socially Implied Contract - King" (SICK) with the rest of the people, the vassals, the subjects - call them what you wish. This Socially Implied Contract is one of "Protection Rights" in exchange for "Taxation Rights!" The Crown (let's say King in foregone times) would GUARANTEE TO PROTECT the citizenry (in all ways) in return for them paying taxes to fund the COLLECTIVE'S PROTECTION. The contract should have been fair and equitable - but then Kings got greedy and the corporatocracy took over, teamed up with the MIC (Military-Industrial-Complex) and BINGO! we have the State of Affairs we have now - Tyranny married to it's first cousin Totalitarianism - supported by Hand-Maidens, Communism and Capitalism

Given Freedom To Access Your Global Collateral Account - Would You Take It?

Whatever you have heard about the Global Collateral Accounts, then please rest assured and understand they are NOT fictional, NOT fairy stories hashed up by delusional failures looking for a "hand-out". They are very real and can be proven to be so. FLS has the access to the proof all it needs now is the PEOPLE TO PRESS THE CLAIM You are living in a "Pre-Paid Account" for world. Everything you buy, sell, want, apply for, check-into, check out from, hire, rent or borrow, requires one thing from you, and that   is your SIGNATURE. Why is it required? What power does it carry and why, without it being there, is NO CONSENT OR PERMISSION TO CONTINUE allowed or possible? The short answer: "You are a beneficiary under a trust" - however, the State has set itself up as "beneficiary de son tort" and takes everything while you pay for everything. It has reversed the roles on you and you sit in penury, outside the gates of your Father's Estate, (which you inherited), but which you have been told is NOT yours.Their hope is that you never challenge this fact - our hope is to encourage you to!

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